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Just Friends: Over the years BonesWest has made dozens of informal cassette recordings.  Though of historical interest, few deserved a second listen. Inadequate recording equipment, extraneous noise, faulty placement of microphones, no editing, and of course, the prominence of clams, all contributed to unsatisfying recordings.

In early spring 1997, circumstances came together to stimulate planning for a professional recording --"to do the best we could with what we got." By chance, our "Main Man," Charlie LaRue, met the legendary Bobby Byrne in a computer class at a local college. Retired from the business for some years, Bobby jumped at the chance to supervise and produce the recording--as a volunteer.  He researched venues and recording engineers, supervised each of the four recording sessions ("That was very tasty. May we have another take, please?"), spent countless hours reviewing the raw tapes, selecting the edits, and overseeing the mastering--a full-time job for over five months.

We selected the charts to feature the ensemble, our arrangers, our soloists, and the guest artists, George Roberts, Lloyd Ulyate, and Bill Tole.

Brian Shaw of Digital Brothers (Costa Mesa, Calif.) served as recording engineer.


Tenor Trombone
Bob Adams
Bill Bently
Ban Bochard
Debbie Boltinghouse
Jim Boltinghouse
Fred Boucher
Bill chavez
Will Dreps
Gary Donnell
Eric Espinoza
George Faye
Peter Fournier
Stefanie Freeman
Maria Humphrey
Walt Lacher
Charles LaRue
Warren Lee
Mark Lemstrom
Brad Lundberg
Dan McCarthy
Jon C. Meyer
Paul Monroe
Anahita Naderi
John Noxon
Bob Olson
Paul Osiow
Frank Perez
Kirk Preston
Robert E. Robinson
Ed Rosen
Charles Sanders
Dan Seager

Bob Stava
Bill Tole
Lloyd Ulyate
Bob Warren
Ray Webster
Marty Williams

Bass Trombone
John Campanella
Frank Cheever
Dave Cureton
Edward "Ted" Eng
Ken Hilberg
Tod Humphrey
George Roberts
Len Wicks

Dave Borkenhagen, Bass
Irving Davis, Drums
Arlene German, Piano
Rusty Gillette, Piano
Bob Kafka, Piano
Matt Overholser, Bass
Bob Stava, Vocals

Ralph Bigelow

Producer & Recording Supervision
Boby Byrne

Bones West includes members of the Musician's Union as well as nonmembers, we obtained permission of the AFM to make this archival recording for the members, their families, and their friends. All players and the producer volunteered their services.The CD was not for sale
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